The Duchess fine rum and whisky

The Duchess Spirits was conceived by a group of highly experienced whisky and rum specialists, with the aim to independently bottle exclusive, unique, and rare whisky and rum releases.

Every month, the assortment of single cask rum and whisky barrels is tasted and appraised by The Duchess’ specialist. Only the best casks are purchased, those that qualify for approval to bear the brand “The Duchess”. Depending on the potential of the cask, it is either bottled directly, or stored away and given time to mature. When ageing a cask further, the process is meticulously observed, to pinpoint the optimal moment of bottling. This means that not only is there a continuous flow of unique and high-quality releases of rum and whisky under the label of The Duchess, there is also the assurance of a continued availability of special cask for future releases.

The collection of The Duchess consists of unique casks of Rum and Whisky at an excellent price-performance. This does not mean that only the big names are sought. The challenge is to discover lesser known brands who have distilled a fantastic rum or whisky, and to offer these to the connoisseurs at an optimal price.

Casks of The Duchess are released in series, with each series carrying a distinctive theme, for example the Tropical Hummingbird Series and the Tropical Flowers series. The design of the labels is by the hands of renowned artists. Therefore, not only the contents but also the uniqueness of the bottles themselves is guaranteed. The bottles have to be a sight to behold, and the series as a whole should be worth collecting completely.

Each bottling is unique and has a limited number of bottles. This means that with each release, fans have the opportunity to obtain a practically unique bottle.

All releases by The Duchess are without any additions; colouring casks are not used, and every bottling is done at cask strength.